TV’s Addressable Ads

While targeting an online audience using disparate data sources has been de rigueur for many years, (I was working on this almost 7 years ago to the day at AC Nielsen.) there is a movement afoot to bringing more tight advertising targeting options to TV.

This WSJ article on bringing targeted advertising to TV has some choice quotes.

“Most of the work that has been in online advertising over the past 20 years has really been preparation for the big screen,” he says, referring to TV. “That’s where the money is.” Dave Morgan Simulmedia.

Seeing the still small online budgets out there, makes me tend to agree in broad strokes with Mr. Morgan’s comment above. The online advertising audience is ever growing, but the granularity of audience that can be bought tends to make specific audiences smaller. Big brands still crave the real reach that TV offers.

Ms. Tracey Scheppach of Publicis, “Adapt quickly, or go the way of other media whose business has been eaten by the Internet, like newspapers. “We have to shape our future before it shapes us,” she said, predicting that, within six years, technology could be in place to allow all TV ads to be targeted.

“This could be marketing nirvana, or fraught with potential peril,” says Tim Hanlon, chief executive of Velociter, the investment arm of Mediabrands, a unit of Interpublic Group.

To Mr. Hanlon’s point, there is additional regulations in place with data use as it applies to TV. I think that to skirt regulations and to make use of targeting options that are self regulated, that targeting methods may be one of the reasons that we will see more online (internet) and offline (TV) convergence.


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