My Facebook Friends Are Missing Me

I have been neglecting my friends according to these roughly monthly emails that I receive from Facebook, such as the one below.

Hi Rich,
You haven’t been back to Facebook recently. You have received notifications while you were gone.
The Facebook Team

After I logged into FB today after a many months absence, I received the following message:

Hi Rich,
Welcome back to Facebook! Let your friends know what you’ve been up to.
Share Favorite Photos
Take any good ones lately?
Write on a Friend’s Wall
Say hi to Christopher, Carrie and others.
Find more of your friends using the automatic Friend Finder.
The Facebook Team

While I appreciate the friendly email reminders, I was actually running an informal test. I wanted to see how much I would miss Facebook. To be honest, FB was always more of a fun activity for me, but I have been busy with work, travel and real life, so I really didn’t miss it that much.

(I have been using LinkedIn much more in the past year. I definitely feel that the benefits of LinkedIn far outweigh any effort required to make it useful- adding contacts, sending LinkedIn requests, etc.)

The fact that I got the “Welcome Back” email almost instantaneously says volumes about how Facebook is managing their site. As I discussed with @dpbtwo earlier today, the most interesting thing about Facebook is the data that they are collecting. As they add features and functionality to their platform, FB is becoming even more powerful.

I am starting to believe some of the hype out there regarding FB being a larger threat to Google. It will be very interesting to see how FB effects some of the other apps out there- like LBS, mobile, etc.


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