Book review- Flip The Funnel by Joseph Jaffe

I received this book from the author at SXSW at the Powered Party that was celebrating both the sale of Jaffe’s company, Crayon as well as the release of Flip The Funnel.

Overall, I found this book to be a pretty good read. I think that Jaffe would admit that he is much more in the strategy or idea realm than in the operational area, so parts of this work are a bit high level.

That said, Jaffe makes a solid point that:

“What is the real role of Social Media? Is it possible to grow the business from the inside out? What happens when customer evangelists become effective salespeople? Is it possible to incentivize existing customers to spread the good word about you, your company, and your goods and services without muddying the waters in the process?”

Personally, I agree that once an entity becomes a paying customer, they should not be allowed to leave and become part of a churn statistic. I could give many examples in my career where the sales methodology required a focus on new business at all costs. Once the customers signed the contract, they were treated as a commodity and basically joined a queue to exit the customer base.

Jaffe makes the point that growing business by a focus on your existing customers, you will grow your business with a lower cost per sale. As stated before, Joseph is more of an idea man, so I felt some of the data presented was not as granular as it could be. Granted, he is preaching to the choir, here, but to get a receptive audience among the non believers in the corporate world, there may need to be some more data.

The entire concept of making customer care and related services as a profit center as opposed to the more typical cost center to be outsourced, I think will be a difficult pill to swallow for the corporate world.  I am looking forward to see where this goes.


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