Ad Targeting-The Delta Between It’s Use and Its’ Understanding

This piece of research from eMarketer shows how Behavioral Targeted ads are growing in the marketplace.

“eMarketer predicts online advertisers in the US will spend more than $1.1 billion on behaviorally targeted advertising in 2010, rising to $2.6 billion in 2014.”

I have worked around various areas of BT for over 6 years. It is rather amazing to see how the growth is estimated to continue.

BT is made possible by the loads of online data that is collected via surfing sessions conducted by online travelers. The rub is here that not very many people realize that 1. their data is being collected and 2. that this data will be used to profile them and then target them in the future.

“Audience discomfort around marketers collecting data has led to calls for regulation, and some brands are staying on the sidelines of behavioral targeting because they fear consumer backlash,”

“When the online audience is so ignorant of current data protections, it is little wonder that they also misunderstand exactly what online ad targeting is, how it may not really be a threat and what benefits they derive from Websites supported by advertising.”

The funny thing is that the more targeting that is done, and how soon the diminishing returns show themselves. What I mean is that even though Technology allow for the hyper targeting of audiences, the reality is that this hyper targeting can be scaled to satisfy large advertisers.


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