Does Anyone Want More Advertising?


Other than the folks that sell media or technology related to media, does anyone really want more advertising? It seems that in all channels, people (not consumers nor users) are going out of their way to avoid ads.

The proliferation of choice with over 100 channels on most cable systems and the built in DVRs (and Beta and VHS before them) have always made it possible to avoid TV ads.

Online there is a number of ways to avoid excessive advertising- which is predominately based on cookie technology. There are plenty of programs out there like Ad Block Plus which allow a surfer to avoid banner advertising. Other people flush their cookies frequently and this wreaks differing levels of havoc upon web publishers that depend on banner advertising for their revenue. Despite this click throughs (CTRs- the dominant metric) are at a statistical zero, so even when people see ads they are not clicking on them.

Government is starting to make online privacy a political issue and even though it is pretty well documented that political types are not very internet savvy, things are starting to happen.There has been a period of self-governing followed by some IAB PAC sponsored old fashioned D.C. lobbying. Conversations that I have been a part of feel that there will be some sort on government-mandated regulation in the next year or so.

This NYTimes article discusses how the Future of Privacy Forum developed a logo to let people know how they received the particular ad- behaviorally targeted, contextually targeted etc. They came up with the blue logo above. Does anyone think that will address privacy concerns and make people feel better about targeted advertising (and the underlying technology?)

It comes down to, do people want more advertising?

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