like the pic above, things are less clear as we go along. I took this picture in a friend’s house, between the art itself, daylight reflection and the glass over the art it is hard to see what is going on.

This is not unlike many of the conversations that I have had with people lately. With all the uncertainty going on, political, economic, weather etc. many folks seem to be using this as an excuse to be even more opaque.

I definitely find it more difficult to really connect with people, it seems that the endless Facebook updates and reality tv viewing has made people more narcissistic. I guess it is hard to know where people stand as many seem to be fronting.

The flipside to this is when I do connect with someone, and not the casual internet “friending,” it seems that the connection can become deeper more quickly. Via the following, sharing and other communication channels, getting to really know someone can move a bit more quickly.


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