ATT Wireless Fun #FAIL

I had a Blackjack II from a former employer that was on AT&T and I kept the phone when I left the employer.

Around the holidays, I decided to join the iPhone cult. When I ordered the phone, they said that the old phone would be canceled and that the new billing would be transferred over to the new phone service.

When I received my first bill, the bill was at least $50 too much. When I called to complain, they said that the billing fell between cycles and that I would see a credit on my next bill.

Surprise, the second bill did not include the credit. So I had to call again, even though I got results- I was able to see my amount currently due amount change in real time on the AT&T website, this was way more stressful and time consuming than necessary. It turns out that ATT sent a check (!?!) to my former employer instead of to me.

Here are some real time tweets while I was on the phone with AT&T Wireless:

man the worst- the ATT wireless acct person just said that he didnt want 2 pass buck and then did

i can see how ppl get frustrated w/ att wireless#FAIL

spoken w/ 3 billing experts/supervisors @ ATT Wireless so far#FAIL

wow- all i can say is be persistent w/ AT&T Wireless, almost 45 min later, i got my credit! why do I feel triumphant for getting whats rite?

I shudder to think that this is the improved version of their customer service. I worked very hard to keep my composure, and that seemed to help, but the sheer number of uninformed people that I had to deal with was amazing.

Also since in the greater than 24 hours since this occurred, I have not received any outreach, I am also surprised. I would suggest that ATT look at the examples that both Dell and Comcast have set by joining the conversation in the Social Media channels.


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