Google Voice

Late to the game on this one.

I got an invite 6 months or so back, but procrastinated and forgot about it. I set it up today and I am truly amazed what the GOOG is offering for “free.”

I selected a local phone number that offers number portability, in that I can have that number ring the landline or my mobile. As I roll out the plans with the new endeavor, I plan to use this new number as a no cost option to setting up a separate phone line.

Also the functionality of Google Voice, in that I select a number to dial, and it will call me back on a line of my choice- how about my landline-I also get free long distance. What is not to like?

I am seeing how Apple did not want to have this native on the iPhone, in turn I see a huge advantage to the Android platform since this service is native.

I have not even started with the voicemail features. Having the files sent to an inbox and having the ability to have it transcribed. Also it looks like there is free SMS.

Thanks, Google!


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