iPhone Thoughts

I have had an iPhone 3GS for a couple of weeks now thanks to a thoughtful gift from my wife.

I am excited to finally be a member of the club, and I have been doing my best to dedicate some time each day to play with the device to learn about the intracacies of the OS and some of the things that i can do with it.

The actual hardware itself is like going from a Chevy to a Lotus when you compare my former device- the Samsung Blackjack2. I opted for the white version and I bought a $5 cover on AMZN. Seriously the fit and finish has been great so far.

The biggest hurdle for me has been getting used to the non physical keyboard. I am getting better, but I seem to fat finger the backspace when I mean to hit the return.

Having wifi is great. I recently upgraded to an Airport Express for the home network and the iPhone has no issues in finding and using the extra speed. I digress, but I really like the wireless print capability of the airport as well. I have used it at the local library as well to reserve items, instead of using the in house windows machines,

Where I live the ATT coverage is quite good, though I am starting to get acquainted to the dreaded dropped call syndrome which is interesting as the Blackjack (also on ATT) never had dropped calls.

Surfing on the iPhone is awesome. I have come to the point where I never use the TV in the am. I can get Twitter, NYTimes, Weather Channel etc. right on the nightstand.

As for apps, I have just started diving in. So far, I am a fan of Tweetdeck. I just downloaded the Weather Channel app and that seems pretty cool. I was playing Pandora through the phone and into an old Tivoli radio while I made dinner last night. That worked really well.


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