iPhone-Initial Thoughts

I just received an iPhone 3GS yesterday. I know that I am late to the game, but with Apple products (disclosure-been using their products for 15+ years), I usually wait until the 3rd version before I jump in.

One of my close friends had the 1st iPhone and he was not a huge fan, so that colored my adoption a bit.

That said, after starting to work with the phone, it has been smooth sailing. The SIM card was in the phone and all I had to do was charge it and then go to an ATT site to activate. At the same time my old Blackjack2 was decommissioned. I had a bad feeling that this process would not work as advertised, but so far, so good. I did make sure that I had the latest version of iTunes installed on my MacBook, that may have helped, but even the syncing of my contacts from the Mac Address Book worked smoothly.

I still need to work on my typing. One of the reasons that I clung to my Blackjack was the fact that it had a physical keyboard.

That said the raison d’ etre of the iPhone is access to another view of the world. I may sound a bit over the top with that comment, but people that work with an iPhone, I feel, see things in a  bit different way. The App Store is a genius way to have access to more interesting ways to interact with others.

In my limited usage, I have downloaded and used Tweetdeck and I have found it to be maybe even a better experience than that of using it on my MacBook.

I will continue to post my thoughts as I move along the iPhone 3GS continuum.


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