Book Review- Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

I picked up Trust Agents at the local library and found it to be an engaging read. I was able to get through in a few reading sessions.

On thing that sort of bothered me was just the tone that was brought out by using the “we” pronoun through out. It made it feel as if I was being talked down to a bit. This is pretty minor criticism, though, as I am sure that many will get a lot out of the book.

I felt that big businesses were probably a main target demo for the book and may explain some of the tone that I perceived.

Basically, if I were to distill it down, many of the concepts would come down to the Golden Rule that most of us heard about early in life.

Chapter 6 “Human Artist” was probably my favorite chapter. “Etiquette and human understanding are the cornerstones of any meaningful life.” As I have mentioned to my wife many times over the past year or so, it is much easier to be nice and considerate to others as opposed to acting like a jerk. It is consistently amazing how people seemingly go out of their way to take the low road. As was mentioned at least once in the book, this maybe an instrument of big company survival, but nonetheless, often I have to think, “WTF?”

I agree that now is the age of the consumer. We are in a Post Consumer Era. I concur that the days of selling to your customers are numbered (if not over) in some industries.  Communication and participation with your audience, meaning true 2 way communication and relationship building is key. Trust Agents makes this point very clearly. They say “Make your Own Game” many times in the book, and they mean it in a general way. Great advice for anyone, online or off.


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