Digital Drives Customers

Should be no shock to find out that digital experiences drive customers to act. This report from Razorfish states that:

“…experiences are becoming the new advertising or marketing. And these experiences are having an inordinate amount of impact on how consumers perceive a brand and ultimately purchase products. Moreover, we also found that consumers are actively engaged with brands across the entire digital spectrum. Consumers may be in control but so are brands which are so deeply embedded in the culture that consumers can’t imagine not making them a part of their world — on Facebook, Twitter or even their own blogs.”

I like the RIP graphic for the 30 second spot. As much as I would like to agree that the .30 is dead, I think that it is a long way before it is actually dead. While numbers trend down as far as TV ratings, the element of scarcity that is evident in broadcast, is something that is pretty rare in interactive. Grey beards from the traditional side, especially if they have been reluctant to add more interactive to the mix are using this fact as well as the fact that the industry metrics (CTRs) are approaching statistical zero as a reason to not do as much interactive.

Here are the key findings:

  • The digital language of love – deals, deals, deals. Consumers are largely engaging with brands to receive exclusive promotions or discounts. Of those who follow a brand on Twitter, 44% say that access to good deals is the main reason.
  • Digital can make or break a brand. 65% of consumers say a digital experience, either positive or negative, changed their opinion of a brand. And in that group, almost all (97%) indicated their experience influenced whether or not they eventually purchased that brand.
  • Actions speak louder than advertising. People who actively engage with a brand digitally–from participating in a contest to downloading a mobile application–are substantially more inclined to purchase and recommend that brand to others.

Personally, I like these research findings as they support my feelings, I hope more reports such as these can open the naysayers eyes to allocating more media dollars to communicate where the audience is spending more time.


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