Nielsen to Allow Offline Targeting Online

An interesting twist, in that ACNielsen will allow online marketers to target based on offline attributes via PRIZM.

This is a huge development as since the beginning of online advertising, the industry has suggested that targeting customers based on their actual actions and the resultant data is superior to the offline inferences that are often used for targeting.

PRIZM is used “to target consumers based on their lifestyles, media usage and purchasing patterns.”

I am not sure what to think of this. I can see how it will make it a bit easier to sell online targeting to hesitant clients. (Here I see the big users of PRIZM offline using this as a bridge to online advertising.

I also think that this development makes the industry sound more salesy, and not in a good way. “What you don’t like the targeting that we have offered for the past 10 years,? Well here is something that you may be more familiar with…” It is like we are saying that the data and the related uses of it have been extremely devalued.


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