Fox Insights and Targeting Available to OMG

Fox made an announcement that they partnered with OMG to deliver insights and segments from their FAN network. OMG will be able to use Fox’s Living Segments product. This will include Audience Insights, Audience Planner and Real-Time Bidding platforms.

From Media Post:

“According to an October comScore report, FAN — which also manages a self-serve advertising platform currently utilized by more than 30,000 advertisers — is in the top ten ad networks, with about 155 million uniques.”

OMG’s Spiegel says: “This part of our strategy is much more about planning than it is buying.” When compared to Audience on Demand, he says: “We’re absolutely active with a lot of things along those lines, but this is actually much more about helping the overall communications planning process so that we can help marketers better refine their target audience wherever they’re buying media. This isn’t just about doing online buying.”

I would assume that this will mean that more OMG plans will contain Fox and will direct serious revenue to Fox due to the increased targeting capabilities. This is interesting how the partnerships are starting to stack up.

I wonder how advertisers feel about some of these partnerships. I am sure that they love the targeting and reporting. I would guess that they will get some price concessions as well.

I wonder if they feel that as a client that they their product or service will be seen more on  Fox properties than other networks or publishers.  Will advertisers feel that there is a bias towards placing their pads n partner networks? There has always been favorites used more than others by media planners, it is just that is getting institutionalized, now.


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