GOOG adds attribution to their tool set-Campaign Insights

I was wondering how long it would take for a real answer from Google as it pertains to Conversion Attribution similar to Atlas’ (MSFT) Engagement Mapping. They are calling it Campaign Insights.

This ad age article discusses how GOOG is merging ad server data along with data that they have gleaned from their tool bars. Nice idea. Amazing to me though how much user data that most internet surfers just give away.

“While Google dominates global search, so far it’s made only small inroads into online display. Right now, search is a much bigger market; eMarketer expects $12 bil to be spent on search ads in the U.S. in 2009 compared to $4.7 bil on display.”

Based on the revenue that Google makes from Search, I thought it would be a while until they advanced tech for possibly cutting off that revenue stream. (Search is bottom of the funnel and is frequently a last touch, so in current measurement, Search can be over valued.) Now that they are committed to increasing their share of the online display marketplace it makes sense to move forward with this.

Here is how it works:

“With Campaign Insights, Google takes data from the advertiser’s server logs to determine who was shown an ad and when. Then compares that to web searches and site visits culled from data from the millions of Google toolbars on computer desktops. Those results are compared to a comparable group that didn’t see the ad.”

What is encouraging is that this is not solely based on clicks, which many are finally starting to believe is a failed metric.

I wonder if this works with all adservers? If so, I wonder if it works better with DoubleClick’s DART product, since it is GOOG owned?


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