Another Attribution Model???

Atlas came out with their Engagement Mapping Methodology over 2 years ago and this Forrester report states that Bluestreak has a “new” spin on making attribution beyond the last click.

“1) Organizing user path data — determining the path a user takes to purchase
2) Contribution modeling — evaluating the different influences along this path
3) Cross-channel optimization — applying these insights to make media allocation decisions”

This is the same basic method behind Atlas. use a 3rd Party adserving tool to track all of your online channels as part of your media mix. For example, maybe one of your less expensive networks ifs driving higher conversion rates, this process would help the media person see this and empower them to make a buying decision based on this.

I still can’t believe that we are debating this concept as an industry. Sure you can debate how the attribution is facilitated, by tool choice or whatever, but how can folks not see the validity here?


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