New Social Media Study from Comscore

Comscore and Group M released a study called “The Influenced: Social Media, Search and the Interplay of Consideration and Consumption,” and this measures the effectiveness of social media advertising when combined with search.

Not unlike the Engagement Mapping Methodology from Atlas, this study supports a move in looking beyond the last touch and last click.

“Every day consumers express their intent via search. Now, we better understand how that intent is established via social media and the interplay between the channels,” says Chris Copeland, chief executive officer of GroupM Search for the Americas.

I am glad to see that this battle is continuing to be fought. In a conversation that I had with a colleague this morning over coffee, it seems that there has been push back on concepts such as this due to the fact that some key decision makers have made their careers on the Last Click methodology. Ironically, they are not interested in rocking the boat.

“They also know search is a low-funnel direct-response vehicle,” he says. “What’s compelling is how social media influences decisions and social media could move the needle on click-through rates and performance in paid search.”

The quote above does give me some hope. Looking at the larger picture will become increasingly important especially for large brands. They need to be where their audience is.


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