GOOG and mobile ads

This NYTIMES article discusses Google and the recent process for rolling out mobile ads on smart phones.

By looking forward to having different ad creative sizes and executions, they are obviously seeing a large opportunity to message customers in the near future via iPbones and other high end hand sets.

“Google may be betting, but analysts are not. Jeffrey Lindsay, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein & Company, released a report last week saying that although mobile usage was growing, revenue potential was limited. Mr. Lindsay estimated that even in 2013, mobile search in the United States would bring in less than 2 percent of projected Google revenues for that year, around $650 million.”

In a marketing channel where there are so many platforms (handsets) and different cell networks and the data that they share about subscriber handsets would seem to make this challenging- quite a bit more so than building a standard ad server to populate web sites with ads.

An aside on the article above, the angle taken by the NYT paints GOOG in a different light than as per usual. The whole narrative of the piece discusses how the introduction of the mobile ad product is 6 weeks late…


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