Natural Born Clickers Study Updated

This Comscore report mentions that the CTR is a worthless metric.

This quote sums it up quite well:

“Indeed, the number of people who click on display ads in a month has fallen, from 32% of Web users in July 2007 to only 16% in March 2009. Worse still, an even smaller core of consumers — representing just 8% of the Internet user base — accounts for the vast majority, or 85%, of all clicks.”

As I have stated to anyone who will listen over the past few years, Clicks (and the related last touch/click methodology) don’t give any credit to any impressions that a surfer may have experienced.

In fact, if a savvy brand wanted to get virtually free internet ad exposure, they could launch campaigns on a CPC metric. Since the brand only would pay for clicks in this example, and the fact that CTRs are hovering at the statistical zero level, that means that the brand would have almost free advertising.

We need to move beyond clicks and related metrics to push the internet marketing world to the next level.


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