Thoughts on Adobe and Omniture Merger

I recently did a quick interview as part of consulting that I am working on and thought that I would share my thoughts on my blog as well.

1)     what is your opinion on the ADBE/OMTR merger? Do you think it will benefit ADBE? Why or why not?

I think that this will benefit ADBE. I have heard that Adobe insiders felt that the days of shrink wrapped software were heading off into the sunset. On the other hand, Adobe products are very entrenched in the online marketing space. Currently the Adobe product suite seems to appeal and cater to the Marketing side of business. With all of the hardcore focus on accountability for marketing, this has become more of an issue in that Adobe doesn’t really offer much in the way of robust analytics. This merger will definitely have a positive effect on the situation.

2)     How do you think the acquisition will change the current landscape relative to the pure plays (like coremetrics) out in the market?

I think that this will put an even higher focus on an exit strategy for these players.

3)     Do you feel that other analytic players out there will be acquired as a counter move to the above acquisition? If so, make a prediction (i.e what company will acquire which analytics firm)

I have thought that for a number of years that there would be consolidation in the marketplace. I would have never guessed that ADBE would acquire OMNI, though.

I would look towards large platform and software companies to be thinking about taking CORE off the table- SAP, IBM, MSFT, perhaps GOOG. I think that the others will stay standalone. It appears that CORE is in a state of weakness and their investors must be increasingly weary of waiting for payout. It may be time for them to take (some) money and run.

4)     Where do you see the analytics industry going in the next 2 years? (what are the features that will be incorporated and that customers are asking for). i.e. Do you see analytics tie more into datawarehousing? What other trends do you see?

As stated above, I see further accountability and metrics to support this being required in online marketing.

The ADBE / OMNI merger is actually very sensible in this regard. Now marketers will be able to more easily track their creative assets and see how this connects to the activity on their site.

This also fits in with the growing need to reduce the number of data silos within companies. Any company that can speak to surfacing data in a sensible way and make it actionable for non IT types will have a story to tell prospective customers. A key feature here is the ability to bring multiple data sources into a dashboard.

Another area that I see as an opportunity is further partnerships that utilize a single tag to tie data and results together. Ad servers like Atlas have allowed piggybacking of tags on their universal action tags for years. Comscore recently announced a partnership where they are going to be able to piggyback on Omniture tags. This does at least 2 things- it allows Comscore to tie their panel data to website activity and it gets additional data into the Comscore data warehouse without the need for additional tagging.

Currently there is too much data out there that is not connected to other enterprise data. Attempting to make business decisions from this is far too manual, labor intensive and error prone.


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