Online Ads Work for Branding and Sales CM

Gian Fulgoni, Chairman of Comscore, says that Online Branding works in this Media Post article.

Clicks do not measure anything of value, a concept that I wholeheartedly agree with. When I was with ACNielsen years back, CPG marketers were only interested in moving product off their retail partner sites. If we could prove that online banners would shift product from store shelves, then marketers were interested in buying online ads.

Clicks worked maybe 10 years ago, but when the average click through rate is 0.1%, how can anyone say that is an effective metric?

The “Internet is far more successful in increasing sales. And it may be the most measurable medium, but not everything measurable matters.”

So, what now? Fulgoni says advertisers and marketers need to forget the click, focus on the sales impact on campaigns and conduct post-buy analysis. They also need to realize that display ads help search advertising succeed and vice versa. Don’t forget the power of creative display ads. Online branding campaigns can be effective. Internet advertising has had an impact on retail that is on par with television.”

Atlas with their Engagement Mapping product, also buys into the concept that all online channels should be tracked (in their case via a thrid party ad server) and in so doing will give credit to all parts of the sales funnel instead of the last touch or click.

If more marketers would buy into the concept of tracking all of their channels, they would see that search clicks are often foreshadowed by other online touches prior to the click. If post click activity can also be tracked, ad exposure could be tied to a sale which should be the metric marketers are most tied to.

Even though consumers are spending a higher percentage of their time with media online, the media budgets are not proportional to this consumption. Measurement is key to give the CMOs comfort in moving the budgets further online so that online media can “get its’ share.”


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