Brand Marketers Still Measuring Clicks

Amazing that in a survey that Clickz discusses in this article, that brands are continuing to follow the path of measuring clicks on their campaigns.

“…Click-throughs are relied on more so than any other measurement for branding campaigns. Indeed, for branding efforts, the click metric is used by 35 percent of those surveyed. That far outpaces the next closest metric, brand awareness, which is used by around 13 percent of respondents.”

Since CTRs have dropped so much, I wonder why this is even measured at all right now, especially with the goal of branding. The brands are probably not trying to sell product online, so what does a Click Through Rate have to do with offline sales? Not too much in my opinion.

In defense of using the metric, budgets have been small online, so junior staffers have been at the online controls, the article states. Also, branders still feel “If you look at the history of the Web, it’s a direct response medium.”

I just don’t believe that the internet is only a DR medium. Too much of people’s time is spent online for the internet to be only a DR medium. How is a brand supposed to be starting (and continuing) the conversation with thier audience when they are discounting the import of the largest grwoing segment of their media mix?


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