Twitter Traffic

This article really lays out how Twitter has an eco system of its’ own.

“only 20% of its traffic comes through the Twitter website; the other 80% (logically) comes from third-party programs on smartphones or computers.” Tweetdeck would be the main culprit for the followers that I see on Twitter each day. The Mobile app Tweety seems to have some fans among my followers as well.

The Twitter web interface is really simplistic and does not have the functionality for a person to make the most of the Twitter experience.The fact that they have allowed unfettered access to their API really falls into what the internet audience wants. ie. the internet audience wants info and an experience in the format that they want. The days of a standard UI are long gone.

For me Tweetdeck is extremely helpful with the Mentions pane. It is much easier for me to follow the conversation, after, isn’t that the point? This was made possible by building the app on the Adobe Air platform and hooking that into the Twitter API.

This quote sums if up for me:

“So if you’re looking at Twitter stats on your website, you’re probably underestimating that source of traffic by a factor of five.”

Look out marketers.


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