Google is Looking for New Ways to Penetrate Mobile Handsets

Google is finding that while their market penetration is strong from PCs, they are having challenges with mirroring this on handsets.

Ad Age states that since many mobile users are using dedicated apps to access function and info, there is a reduced opportunity for these mobile users to be in front of GOOG ads as much as they would with a PC. This is driving Google to go into inApp advertising.

“Meanwhile, the latest data from AdMob suggests that more traffic is migrating to apps: More than 60% of the ad requests in its iPhone network come from applications, vs. 40% from the mobile web.”

Being in the business for a number of years, it always seems that Mobile Advertising is just around the corner. While this may not be a huge issue yet, Google certainly wants to be well positioned for when the Mobile Tipping Point occurs.


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