Apple Secrecy

From the coolest brand from lovely Cupertino, Apple, also comes a huge veil of secrecy. This NYT article discusses the legendary use of secrecy in Apple.

“In this environment, where transparency is critical, the more information you give the marketplace the better,” said Charles Elson, director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware. “For a technology company that views itself as innovative, it’s a little odd that they are getting a reputation for lack of transparency.”

While I have been an Apple user for many years,  I don’t consider myself a fan boy. That said, I thought that their secrecy went a little far at times.

When Apple has sued blogs to stop a product info related leak, I felt that Apple was acting in a manner similar to the record industry and their pursuit of downloaders. Sure users were illegally sharing files, but they are also the record business’ main constituents.

Regarding the sharing (or lack thereof) Steve Jobs health situation, I am pretty sure that I would not want all the ins and outs of my health shared with the public, but alas, I am not an icon of Silicon Valley, nor am I a CEO of a publicly traded company.

Since Jobs is so integral to Apple’s product design, marketing and general brand, I can see why there is concern about transparency regarding his health.

Succession planning can be a real b…..


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