CPGs are Increasing Online Display Spend

This Clickz article from the other day suggests that “consumer packaged goods companies have boosted their investment in online display advertising by 57 percent in the last two years, according to Nielsen.

The researcher reported yesterday CPG firms have cranked up image-based online ad spending from $99.8 million in Q1 2007 to $156.2 million during the same period this year.”

This seems pretty surprising to me, based on some of the meetings that I have been in over the last 18 months or so, but it also suggests that marketers are starting to take into account the amount of time that their audience is spending online as opposed to using other areas of the media mix. My thought is also supported by the fact that a lot of the ad spend is being put towards YouTube. I guess that is the closest stand in that we can get to network TV at this juncture.

“The company measured 638 million display ad impressions on the video site, which captured a 24 percent share of all advertising in the entertainment category. AOL.com and Oprah.com trailed with 323 million and 203 million ad impressions, respectively.”

Could Hulu and other more “legit” online video outlets be far behind?


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